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10 Advanced STANFORD Study Tips on How to Study Smart

Do you want to get better grades, so you can one day go to school like Stanford University? Well, in this video, I traveled to the top universities in the world, including MIT, UCLA, UC, Berkeley, and, of course, Stanford University, to find the most effective study tips, and I want to warn you – these tips are not the average BS.
You see on YouTube because they’re very advanced and extremely practical; I always follow something you learn in class. Do not postpone. That would be my advice: try to focus and do your work in the category.

Do you review materials right after class? Yes, right after right, yes, that is like cutting downtime. So if you flip through the pages immediately after class, it makes it a lot easier. When you go back and like then via notes, it makes more sense than being wholly Lost in spending.

Now there are fortify hours just trying to make sense of what you wrote down. I used to do something that I hadn’t done in a while that helped. When I had a lot of terms that I had to know, I would read out the words that I wrote down and record them on my phone and my walks to class or anywhere.

I would play it and listen to it. Oh, you like to record the term, and then you record the definition, yeah, and then repeat: listen! Listen to it because when I’m walking, I’m not doing anything kind of like your audiobook. I like that, yeah, and it isn’t very comfortable to listen to your voice.

How to Study

Did it help, yeah? That’s a good memorization trick. I would say talking to all of your professors or your TAS, so that way, they know you and know that you’re serious about the class because I remember I had a couple of lessons I was Struggling in. I was telling the professor, like.

I need to get a B. I need a pass, so can you work with me like they were very accommodating? They told me what to do to stay. So on top of my studies and stuff like that, talk to your professor about new TAS as soon as possible, yeah go to the office hours.

That’s huge! That’s huge! You have to plan out. Your schedule has to know what you’re doing every second of the day Before in high school. It’s like.

If you had 30 minutes, you wouldn’t even think about studying; you’ll probably watch YouTube videos, but then and college don’t say minutes like even just like five pages of reading matters. So much especially when you have to read like 200 pages a day or like two books a week, especially when you have breaks between classes, you need to take advantage of those. I love flashcards, it’s fundamental, but I love Flashcards.

So I always like to make them on my phone; there’s some app you can use, and I always use the spaced repetition system. Oh, I get it. I’ve tried this out before.

So you get all the cars to go over it, and then the app knows which ones you answer correctly and which ones you don’t, and the ones you answer correctly. You don’t get that again for a long time, but the ones you answer incorrectly. So you get that repeatedly right, exactly: Okay, that’s cool yeah, that’s an excellent habit, so having a schedule in a routine having something where it’s like.

Okay. I know I wake up at this time every day. I know I get to the library and do this. I have my set routine, and this is how it goes about it and also balancing with a healthy lifestyle.

That’s also part of the habit. Right, as I know, I go to the gym every day, or I know I do this. That’s important for maintaining balance because it’s easy to get so focused on.

I got a cramp, cramp, cramp, cramp, and then you’re only in the library, and you’re not seeing friends, and everything goes all out of whack, yeah. Another thing is, you need to take care of yourself; everyone comes in with the stigma that cause it’s going to be so hard and that you had to pull all-nighters every single day. But a big key in college is like taking care of yourself, sleeping, and you know even like therapy or meditation is pray.

The essential thing as a college student, because you know college, isn’t meant to be just learning and then staying up all night and completing assignments. It’s; also, you know you get the college experience. So sleeping is like the number one drug for productivity. So, yeah, knowing when you work better, if you work better with people around you, if you work better, and are completely isolated with no distractions. So I’m knowing and figuring out which setting works best for you internalizing.

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The information that you see in the textbook – I would not only read it, but you know, do the active reading. I would put in post-its – and I always have liked things to write notes with constantly going back and forth and trying to understand the information instead of memorizing, which my professors are emphasizing this year. So that helped me understand The info and find it interesting, rather than just learning it by active reading.

I like that, yeah, I would say, don’t wait until the last minute, but sometimes the last minute can create your best. You know the results. It just depends on the person; I’m not a last-minute person.

I get motivated when the deadlines are coming well, not the night before, maybe like three okay, okay, I’m the biggest Prakash there in the world studied for every test Night before. But I will say, repetition is critical. So that’s how I always succeed repetition like how you like, for example, for calc exams.

Many of my friends wouldn’t do the homework problems repeatedly, but I did it like three times a night before, and I walked in the test to feel completely prepared and confident. You know, no, like fear about questions damn the night before talk to older students, people who taken the class before that is huge. I didn’t even do that until my junior year, where I was like, hey, you’ve taken this class before.

Can you give me some tips on how I best go about this class because high school was kind of standardized, right? It’s like you know how it works. Yeah, the teacher does this: they put it on the board. Whatever’s going to be on the board is on the test.

You write it out. Whatever college is so different because professors make their classes, and so each professor is Gonna, have their preferences, style, and way of doing things, and you’re never going to know. Unless you ask them, that’s how it is, and I have one more very effective study tip for you.

Whenever I review for a test before I do anything, I always outline everything I need to learn. This will help you organize the knowledge in your head, and I’ll give you a sense of progress as you’re studying out long, but when you’re learning a new Subject creating this outline is hard. So that’s why I got brilliant org to sponsor today’s video, Brinda.

Org is a problem-solving website that teaches you math science and computer science, which is crucial nowadays; I’m brilliant you’re, not just memorizing things. Instead, you actively learn the concepts by applying them to problems. They break up big ideas into bite-sized chunks and show you the thinking process, which is essential if you want to learn faster To understand better.

Math science, computer science go to Bro and org, slash have, to sign up for free plus they’re. Getting you half a university scholarship, the first 200 people to sign up using the link in the description will get 20 % off their annual premium subscription. So what are you waiting for? Go check it out? My name is Southwick.

Well, click the subscribe button and the notification bell, and I will see you in the following Video study hard.

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