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CAREER BUILDING In a job interview: How to present the right skills in 2022

So the single best technique for sharing the right skills in a job interview is the table technique. You want to open up a document and create a table with two columns, then find the job description and for every single requirement, every task.

Everything they list in the job description that you need to do the job you put in the first column, each in its cell, then In the second column, I want you to look at your resume and pull out your experience. That proves that you have every one of those requirements: okay, so essentially, you’re creating a master table of what you need to share in the interview. You’re matching it up to the things that they’ve asked for in the job description, and you can bring this table along with you.

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You can even make it pleasant and Share it with them, but it’s a way to prove hey. I’ve got everything you’re looking for and bonus points if you can quantify your experience even further to validate, which I’ve talked about in earlier tick, tocks. Okay, all right! So that’s the best way to do it to match up your skill sets, share them, and make sure that you are saying the right things in that job interview. Go, get them.

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