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Five (5) valuable apps for students

Five valuable apps for students
I will share five productivity, slash to-do list apps on the iPhone iPad, with links to android versions where applicable. Hopefully, you find these helpful for your upcoming semesters.

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So let’s get started the first one is sessions which is a very aesthetically pleasing activity. Timer that enables you to track. How much time do you spend on specific activities.

You input your activities, choose the colors and icons, and with just a few taps, you can start timing yourself as you work for those of you who found this Instagram post helpful. I recommend using sessions to follow the Pomodoro alternative method that I described. It’s just a straightforward yet fun and bold application for you to track your time on different tasks. And would be an excellent reflective tool as well to see what areas you’re focusing a lot of your time on and, of course, places, where You’re not focusing as much time on you, can see exactly how much time you’ve spent just by looking at the bottom right of each activity icon.


The next app is Tweak, a very minimalistic Weekly to-do list app. I love the layout. It’s easy on the eyes and not overwhelming at all.

This works like a weekly planner. You can move forward and backward to other weeks, so you can plan your day in the future if needed. There is also space to put tasks for someday, and if you finally have a day for those tasks, you can just drag and drop the job to The specific date.

Tweak is also available on the iPad, and it does sync across devices as long as you’re signed in to the same iCloud account; there’s not much else to say about it because it’s so minimalistic, but overall, it’s great for those of you who just want straightforward, Very clean can’t go wrong. Planner that still has a bit of structure to keep you organized. The next app is gone, and an even more minimalistic to-do list app, but what’s unique about it.

Is that, as soon as you enter a task, it sets a 24-hour timer to motivate you to complete the job within the day. The app throws you some confetti to celebrate whenever you complete a task. The tasks do expire once the 24 hours are up, and you’re able to track your progress through an overview that tells You how many jobs you’ve completed for the week. How many are incomplete or expired gone also has an app on the iPad, but as far as I’m aware, there is no cross-device syncing.

If you enjoy minimal designs and prefer to focus on the current day rather than the future, this app would be perfect for you. The next app is someday, which is also a short to-do list, an app that splits your To-do’s into three sections today tomorrow and ultimately great for people who just want to hone in on the near future, like the last app so as not to feel overwhelmed. Adding in tasks is super easy once you’ve done them; you can tick them off, and they disappear immediately.


The last application is Edison calendar, which is probably my top pick from this list. It’s a super-duper useful app for breaking down your tasks to make them more manageable. You can set weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly goals, but I find the weekly one easiest to manage once you select a plan for the week, you’re automatically prompted to choose mini-goals for each day that will help you reach that weekly goal.

So in my example, here I’m doing exercise 30 minutes daily, and each day You put a different activity, etc. To help you reach that weekly goal, you can do the same type of system for studying where you study a couple of chapters each day of the week, and what is not even better is that once you have these mini-goals, you can set many tasks for them too. As shown in this example here, I didn’t show in the video that you can also set specific times For each mini-goal.

Overall, this is an excellent app for those who feel overwhelmed by specific tasks and want to break them down to make them easier to tackle. Edison calendar also comes on iPad and will sync across devices, so you can keep planning on the go. So that’s it for the apps, but speaking of iPads.

Suppose you’re planning on getting an iPad for the new semester. In that case, I recommend getting a matte screen protector such as Paperlike, which will most certainly enhance your note-taking experience because it not only feels like paper but also helps you control your apple pencil better. So you can have much neater handwriting, it also doesn’t ruin the screen quality, but instead, I find it helps me deal with glare and reflections when working in bright areas. I’ve been using it on my iPad pro for as long as I’ve had it as well.

As my Previous iPad, 6th and 7th generations – and I couldn’t recommend it more if you do want to check it out, I’ll – have a link in the description box as well as links to other videos that I’ve done about paperlike. Thank you so much for watching. If you enjoyed this video, please give it a thumbs up.

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