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How To Fix A BROKEN Career

So, I now call myself a career therapist for the last 15 years as a career coach, and I’ll share more on that. I’ve been working with people who are pretty unhappy in their jobs. In a minute.
It’s always been amazing because it doesn’t matter if it’s a good time or a recession. Studies show that over 70 % of people working right now are unhappy in their jobs.
They’re dissatisfied. That blows my mind.
So there’s something inherently wrong. After working with literally thousands of people these last 15 years, I’ve come to identify that everyone shares the same problems. . If you’re unhappy in your career, you share the same problem as everyone else.
Let me explain why. , So it’s exciting people will come to me and say
T. . Let me tell you my story.

” Can’t tell you how many times that’s how the conversation has started, and that’s where I say that I’ve become a career therapist Because I wanna sit on the couch and say “. Let me tell you my story. ”

As I listen to these stories and they go into great detail.

I find that everyone that’s unhappy shares one similar trait. It’s a mistake that they’re making in how they’ve interpreted their career.
You may have never realized this, but you tell a story in your head. . It’s called the career narrative.
And the way you process each experience shapes your career narrative. You’ve ever had in your professional life. So think of it.

This way. , If something happens in your career, and then you decide whether it was a good or a bad experience, you attach meaning to it. And that creates a series of events that, when pulled together, build a story or what we call your career narrative.
You might not have realized this, but that career narrative is a significant move.

It’s an enormous novel that keeps playing in your thoughts all the time. It just keeps going on and on.


And those who are dissatisfied with their work have a very negative career narrative, which means that if you wrote it all down, you would be negative setback issue, detrimental problem, and negative throughout. So, They’re, carrying that whole storyline with them.
You are the main character of that story. So, in essence, when your career narrative is so filled with negativity, and you know profoundly negative emotions you’re, not the hero of the story; you’re the victim. And this is the one thing that I see, people have all the time. . So if this sounds like you, then here’s what you do to fix it.

The first stage is to write out your professional story, either on paper or in a computer file. Then, it would be beneficial if you took some time to take a step back and look at the complete story and put it together in a logical order because only then can you begin to examine and adjust the narrative.

That’s right. !, if you don’t understand How to change your narrative, be sure to check out the video I did. It’ll either be up here or down in the link where I talk about that and the technique that you use that successful people use to change their narrative.
But you can’t change the narrative until you know what it is. . You can’t change that story.
Til. You understand how it’s been playing in your head all those years.
So my advice to you, if you’re unhappy in your career, is to write that career narrative out and then learn how to analyze it, Because if you can analyze it, you can change it. When you can change the story, you can change the outcomes. . You know, we’ve always heard this phrase, history repeating itself.
This is something I see all the time in people’s careers, and it’s because they’ve never addressed their career narrative. . So all that negativity carries through, and they make the same mistakes, and they have the same problems over and over and over again, and I don’t want that to be you.
So again, my advice is to write out your career narrative, really think about it, and then use the techniques that you can to change the storyline because when you change the story, you change the outcome.

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