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How to Maintain Your Confidence During Job Interviews.

We’re going to talk about how to master your fear of interviewing. One of our viewers mentioned that every time the person goes in an interview, they start to sweat, they get super nervous, and they’re blowing those interviews.

Well, you know what you are not alone. My friend, lots of people have this problem, and I’m going to walk you through the three steps you can use to conquer your fear of Interviews. I have taught this to many people inside the work of the daily career growth Club, and my favorite story is of a young man who had graduated college with not one but two degrees.
He was so employable, but he was so scared and nervous every time he went on a job interview. He would sweat; it would drip down his face. His palms would be sweaty; there would be significant, you know, stains under his shirts.

He was miserable, and he was missing every interview; we Fixed that, and we did it with the three steps that I’m going to reveal to you today. So you are ready, let’s get started, so the first tip is for you to write out your answers to all the interviews, questions that you can think of and read aloud to yourself. It would be best if you thought of interviewing as a habit.
Answering questions is something that feels normal and natural. Now, how do you do that? Well, think about any habit. You have, in fact, a lot of people.

Don’t Realize that over 70 % of the things that we do every day are habits. There are things that we do mindlessly. We’ve conditioned ourselves to do them, whether it’s brushing your teeth, whatever it is, and you can do the same.

Yes, you really can with interviewing, but it starts by writing out your answers to the questions so that you do not have to fumble for them when you’re in the interview. That’s what’s getting you so nervous; if you have them written out, you Can read them back to yourself repeatedly, and my advice is you read them until you are sick of them until you’re bored until you’re so tired of looking at them? So that now you feel like you could say them in your sleep? That’s when you know that you’re far more prepared and when you get in those pressured situations like an interview, you’re going to find it easier to recall that information because it’s right there inside your memory. So my second tip is For you to use visualization. To imagine yourself succeeding now, this works again.

There’s more science behind this. For example, did you know that when your body has an emotion like fear or excitement, it can’t tell the difference between something happening in your life and something you’re thinking about in your head? So what does that mean? If you can use visualization to imagine yourself walking into the interview with confidence, Miling and shaking the hand of the hiring manager, seeing them smile back, sitting down and having a nice calm, interesting conversation together, exchanging ideas, answering the questions effortlessly.

Confidence During Job

If you can imagine those things, it will create a reaction inside you. It’s going to condition your body to think about interviewing as a positive experience instead of a negative one so that when you go on the interview. It’s going to feel like You’ve Done this 100 times because, in your head, you have visualization is one of the keys to being more confident in your interviews in reality. Okay, before I give you a final tip, I want to ask you how you visualize succeeding in an interview? I want to hear the story you’re telling yourself; put it in the comments below. I can’t wait to see what you come up with, and also, it may spark some ideas from one another so that you can tell an even better story in your head and do a better job when you get on that interview.

So my third tip is to do a mock interview with a colleague or a friend, but never a family member. So why is that? Well, the reality is that your family is very close to you; they’re very biased when people do a mock interview with the family. They’re either overly critical, which is going to deflate you and make you more nervous; they’re excessively complimentary. They Don’t help you get better friends, former co-workers, or professional peers. These individuals will be discreet but will have your best interests in mind.

They’re going to be able to give you some constructive feedback about how you can better improve the process. Also, I find it’s a little bit harder to do a mock interview with a peer or a friend. You don’t want to embarrass yourself in front of them, so by practicing with them and getting it out, If you can do it with them, it’s going to be even easier to do with a stranger, and that’s really why you wanted to do the mock interview.

You want to get past your fear of it. You want to feel again like that step number two that you’re doing it correctly, so that, when you get in there in the moment, you’re able to knock it out of the park now, if you’re enjoying these tips so far. I want to mention that We have a great video that you should also check Out for the point in the interview where they say: do you have any questions for me? We have eight questions that you can ask on an interview to stand out and earn credibility, and you can check that link out above or somewhere down in the description. You know everyone is more confident in their life when they’re comfortable, and that’s precisely what the three steps are designed to do to make you more comfortable with the process of Interviewing before you go on the interview.

That is the key to tremendous success. So if all this is making sense to you and you think you’d like more help with your interview prep, I encourage you to check out the subscriptions over at work at Dailey. We are the number one career growth club, helping thousands of individuals.
Just like you get the information, they need to get the coaching they need and get the support they need from their peers To make things happen, like being successful in interviews. I guarantee you will feel it is a game-changer and you’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain. So please check it out, alright.

So if you made it this far, you hopefully enjoyed this. Please make sure you comment below your favorite piece of advice, which tip you think will be most helpful. We also love your comments, your questions, your feedback.

We read every one, And we’re always creating new videos like this. So if you enjoyed it, please hit the subscribe button and be sure to check that little bell that way. You’ll get instant notifications.

The moment we post something new and, of course, if you still feel like you need more help here on YouTube. We’ve got a couple more videos you can check out. These will also help you prepare for those interviews, especially behavioral questions, which are complicated and necessary to understand.

Alright, that’s it! For me, Listen, remember! You are not alone in job search and career development, especially when it comes to interviewing prep. So please come back and visit us often because you know that you’ve got to work it daily if you want to win.

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