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Why Should You Update Your LinkedIn Profile?

So here’s something I think many people don’t know about LinkedIn, and that is that it is just like a google search. It is built on an algorithm; over 740 million people on LinkedIn.
So when somebody goes to search, it has to use this algorithm to bring up the closest match, search results. So if I’m a recruiter – and I want to find somebody with digital Marketing experience, SEO experience – maybe social media experience, I’m going to put in those keywords. It’s going to bring me back somebody who has all of those who will be the person at the Top; you know, 50 60 people later they might have one or two of those. So that’s why you keyword must optimize your LinkedIn profile.

You have to make a conscious decision about what skill sets you to want to be found on, and then you have to put it in very specific places on your LinkedIn profile. Some of them are your headline, you’re about section, your work, history, and then, of course, the skills and endorsement section, and that’s going to help the algorithm find you. But there are other factors you need to know how to optimize your profile Fully.

Why Should You Update Your LinkedIn
You need to know how to participate on LinkedIn; it’s going to reward you for being active on the platform, so somebody who’s inactive job search mode right now. If they want to be found and recruiters contact them, they have to participate in the platform. So it’s not enough just to set up a profile; you have to optimize the profile, but then you also Have to contribute to the platform, and I think this is something that you know.
Linkedin doesn’t teach any of this. They’ve never wanted to be the coaches of using their social media. They just created it, and you know, feel everyone should figure it out for themselves.
But that’s exactly why I’m here and giving as many tips as I can because people don’t understand how the technology works and When you have this optimization, you can make great strides in your profile, and I always love it. When people watch our video tutorials on LinkedIn, make the changes to their profile, and then all of a sudden go in, and they see that the views on their profile have gone up an incredible amount. Well, yes, if you know what to do, that’s exactly what can happen if you’re interested in learning How to do that, um, you can go.
Watch our LinkedIn training. We have a three-day free trial, so you can go sign up. It’s 9.
99 a month, no setup fee. You can cancel at any time watch that plus all the rest of our training and if you don’t like it, cancel within three days, but it’s less than the cost of Netflix. And suppose your job really means something to you, and you would like more people Coming to you on LinkedIn instead of you having to you, know waste hours online, applying to jobs that you don’t care about. In that case, this might be the answer for you.

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